Network evening - International specialists

Regional contact points and integration services

As part of the regional skilled labor strategy, we (Region Fulda GmbH and the district of Fulda) have made it our task to support companies in the integration of skilled workers from abroad. On the one hand, we prepare information and, on the other hand, we also offer training courses for personnel managers. The greatest challenge, however, is the integration into society and everyday life. In this context, it is invaluable to know about existing offers and to be able to pass them on. Against this background, we would like to offer a networking evening for companies in the Fulda region. The aim of this evening is to build up a good network and to make regional integration offers and contact points better known. We would therefore be pleased if we could welcome you at the Tuesday, 28.11.2023 for our network evening welcome you. The networking evening will take place from 17:00 - 19:00 at the DB Training Center (Esperantostraße 3, 36037 Fulda).
DB Training Center, Esperantostraße 3, 36037 Fulda, Fulda
November 28, 2023

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