As the economic development agency of the district, the city and the Fulda Chamber of Industry and Commerce, we stand for regionality, skilled workers, technology and start-up economy. With us, you become an active part of the regional economic development and all industry networks. In the other sections of this website, we tell you a lot about what we like about our region. Work with us to ensure that Fulda remains the center of attention - in every respect.


Flexible working hours

For a better work-life balance, you can adapt and flex your working hours to personal needs and commitments.

Advanced training

We support your personal and professional development. You can expand your professional skills and knowledge at regular training courses.

Mobile work

You want to stay flexible by working from home, on the road or at another location? Our team and our way of working are open to agile working and new work. By conviction, we are also partners of several co-working concepts in the city and county.

Well supplied

We will provide you with free drinks such as coffee, tea and water.

Job bike leasing

You have the option of leasing a bike through us. Job bike leasing allows you to get to work in an environmentally friendly and healthy way and offers tax advantages.

Strong team

In the office, we show a strong team spirit - and also like to spend time together beyond that during evenings out, excursions or activities.